Heat Pump Maintenance, AC Replacement & Heat Pump Installation in Wynne, AR

Let Westmoreland Heating & Air Conditioning introduce you to the amazing opportunities offered by modern heat pumps.  The combination of efficient and consistent heating and cooling for year round temperature control is only the beginning.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Westmoreland Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in the most innovative products on the market, bringing you state-of-the-art control and convenience.  Set up different zones in your house to only condition occupied rooms or answer personal preferences for comfort.  Customize everything from temperature and fan speed, to air quality, ventilation, and humidity levels.  Take advantage of adaptable speed technology, and let your heat pump automatically adjust operation to conserve energy and maintain even temperatures, within a degree of the thermostat setting.  Enjoy superior dehumidification capability in cooling mode, no overly dry air in heating mode, and advanced filtration, for clean air year round.  If that isn’t enough, how would you like to manage every aspect from your smartphone or computer?  Contact the heat pump specialists from Westmoreland Heating & Air Conditioning, and we’ll help you significantly cut monthly costs and enhance your indoor environment.

Accurate & Efficient Heat Pump Installations

While heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair requires specialized knowledge and tools, rest assured the certified technicians from Westmoreland Heating & Air Conditioning have the extensive training, experience, and equipment to ensure optimum performance from your system.  Established in 1964, we are well-versed in heat pump technology and no challenge is too difficult.  We meet your specific requirements with the ideal solution, and handle your project quickly, accurately, and to your highest expectations.  To make service as convenient as possible, we offer free in home estimates, business hours seven days a week, and same day service across Wynne, AR.  Give us a call, and let’s get started making your home a welcoming oasis no matter what the weather brings.  The team from Westmoreland Heating & Air Conditioning is your solution to perfect comfort in Northeast Arkansas Delta.

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